GR20 in 8 days

Doing the GR20 in 8 days means going twice as fast as planned to get from Calenzana to Conca, so the time needed to do the GR20 is estimated at 16 days! Corsica’s best-known trail was originally designed to be done in 16 days, so you’ll be doubling up on the stages set out in the topoguide, and sleeping in one refuge out of two.

Every day, you’ll come across a refuge halfway through the day to refuel. The GR20 in itself is a physical challenge, but doing the GR20 in 8 days is a real sporting challenge, requiring both material and physical preparation! Are you planning to do the GR20 in 2024? Here are some tips on how to do it in 8 days.

The stages of the GR20 in 8 days

Here you will find a list of all the stages of the GR20. The table below gives you an example of a simple breakdown of the GR20, which is in no way obligatory. You can also take into account the variants, in particular the one that avoids Matalza at the end of the route. Note that if you set out to double the stages, it’s because you either don’t have much holiday or have a sporting objective (and the training that goes with it).

The walking time estimates we give you below are calculated for a classic hiker: depending on your physical condition, you should normally go faster. If you want to cover twice as much distance per day, you won’t necessarily be walking twice as much

1Calenzana à Carrozzu192170120013h30Partie 1
Partie 2
3Carozzu à Tighettu142000164014h00Partie 1
Partie 2
4Tighettu à Manganu311620164012h00Partie 1
Partie 2
5Manganu à L’Onda18,51330150011h30Partie 1
Partie 2
6L’Onda à Capannelle26,51700170011h15Partie 1
Partie 2
7Capannelle à Usciolu281600150011h45Partie 1
Partie 2
8Usciolu à Asinau2195011408h45Partie 1
Partie 2
9Asinau à Conca28,5970220012h00Partie 1
Partie 2

Refuges for eating, refuges for sleeping

Here is a list of all the refuges on the GR20. If you want to do it in 8 days, you’ll come across 3 huts a day: the one you leave in the morning, the one you come across halfway along the route (normally for a lunch break) and the hut where you sleep in the evening.

ArrêtAltitudePlacesPlus d'infos
CalenzanaDépart Jour 1280 mPlusieurs lieuxPlus d'infos
Ortu di u PiobbuRepas "Jour 1"1520 m32Plus d'infos
CarrozzuDormir "Jour 1"1270 m36Plus d'infos
Station d’Asco StagnuRepas "Jour 2"1422 mPlusieurs lieuxPlus d'infos
Tighjettu Dormir "Jour 2"1683 m48Plus d'infos
Ciottulu di i MoriRepas "Jour 3"1997 m26Plus d'infos
Manganu Dormir "Jour 3"1600 m32Plus d'infos
Petra pianaRepas "Jour 4"1842 m28Plus d'infos
l’OndaDormir "Jour 4"1431 m28Plus d'infos
Vizzavona Repas "Jour 5"954 mPlusieurs lieuxPlus d'infos
E CapannelleDormir "Jour 5"1586 m15Plus d'infos
Prati Repas "Jour 6"1820 m22Plus d'infos
UscioluDormir "Jour 6"1750 m31Plus d'infos
Matalza Repas "Jour 7"1410 m20Plus d'infos
Asinau Dormir "Jour 7"1536 m28Plus d'infos
I Paliri Repas "Jour 8"1055 m22Plus d'infos
ConcaArrivée fin du jour 8280 mPlusieurs lieuxPlus d'infos

Stories of the GR20 in 8 days

Do you have a question? Don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments section or on the GR20 forum. Discover here the stories of hikers who have completed the GR20 in this timeframe

Captain Rémi did the GR20 in 8 days with a friend. This was in 2016, but the story is still relevant today. Find out how he divided up the stages, his videos and the list of equipment he had planned.

An example of the list of equipment taken by a couple for their GR20 in 8 days

Not only will you have to be a little more sporty than the average, but you’ll also have to travel lighter to go twice as fast, with a lighter equipment list! Doing the GR20 in 8 days is no sporting feat, but it is a real challenge, and one that will be very complicated to achieve if you’re carrying 20 kg on your back! Besides, there’s no point in taking too much equipment, as you’ll be on the trail half as long as the others.

Sac à dosRaid-light 30L796 gWilsa680 g
Pack avantPack avant Raid light (2012) 4L174 gPack avant Raid light (2013) 4L156 g
Sac de couchageVertical Combi Duvet
- Ultralight -5°C
710 gWilsa Down Ultralight 150 -2°C440g
Sacs de soieQuechua Drap de Sac Soie
PantalonRaid light convertible (38)284 gVertical Toubkal Pantashort (44)466 g
Short de courseKalenji (38)102 g
Tee shirt manche courtestee-shirt respirant *385 gtee-shirt respirant (XL) *2124 g
Tee-shirt manches longuesBe tween (S)144 g
PullKalenji204 gRaid light (Performer ML) XL238 g
Buff40 g40 g
Chaussette trail2 paires34 g2 paires48 g
PonchoQuechua Poncho Arpenaz 25l330 gQuechua poncho ville 300240 g
Mitaines32 g
ChaussuresSaucony Xodus 4 (41)664 gSaucony Xodus 4 (49)875 g
Claquettes70 g70 g
Mouchoirs15 g
2 Brosses à dents + dentifrice
+ savon d’Alep
200 g
1 rouleau de papier toilette110 g
Pharmacie92 g
Crème solaire reconditionnée
en sachet zip
30 g
ServiettePack Towl Ultralite taille L50 gPack Towl Ultralite taille L50 g
Soupe déshydratée avec pâtes *1300 g
Muesli choco *2500 g
Fruits secs (abricot mangue…)500 g
Poche à eau 2L2110 g2110 g
Sacs poubelles*230 g*230 g
Sachet double zip*315 g*735 g
Frontale *3Stoots minimax89 g
Tirette *4 (fait maison)46 g
CouteauOpinel n°846 g
2 BâtonsRaid light trail pole *5120 gQuechua forclaz 500 light228 g
ChaussuresSaucony Xodus 4 (41)664 gSaucony Xodus 4 (49)875 g
Claquettes70 g70 g
Chargeur de portable52 g
Appareil photo + housse310 g
Topo Guide188 g
Total (sac+ vétements)*66610 g7905 g

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