Budget GR20 : how much should you plan for ?

How much does it cost to do the GR20 in 2024 ? How much is the boat crossing and the plane journey? How much does it cost to book refuges? Is it expensive to eat on the GR20 ? Of course, it all depends on whether you’re doing the GR20 on your own, carrying your own tent and food, whether you’re doing the GR20 Confort, sleeping in refuges, or the GR20 Grand Luxe, with an agency and porters. These two cases are the most extreme, but there is also the option of doing the GR20 carrying your rucksack, sleeping in refuges and buying your food in the refuges. Here are some answers to help you prepare your GR20 budget

Free calculator: estimate your budget

Travel, the first item of expenditure for the GR20

To get to the starting point of the GR20 North (Calenzana) or GR20 South (Conca), you’ll almost certainly have to buy a plane ticket, take a boat, hire a car or take a taxi! There are plenty of ways to get to the start, but all of them will cost you a few euros. This price will vary according to the number of people travelling with you (pooling the cost of car hire or taxi fares, for example), but also according to when you are going to leave and book your tickets (plane or ferry fares change over time)

calculate your budget for the GR20

Estimate your budget: try the calculator

If you add up the price of the plane ticket, local transport (to Calenzana or Conca), and calculate the cost of meals each day and nights in a refuge (or tent), you can quickly add up after 15 days!

Free calculator: estimate your budget

Important information: in 2024, there are still no cash dispensers on the GR20 🙂 So make sure you bring some cash, as most of the establishments you’ll be stopping at don’t accept credit cards.

Budget to go to Corsica

  • Flying to the GR20: between €200 and €400 depending on the airline. Find out more about flights to Corsica
  • Take the ferry across the Mediterranean : between €70 and €120: check out the prices on Corsica Ferry, which vary depending on the vehicle and the time of year you arrive in Corsica. Find out more about the ferry. Please note that it is no longer possible to take the ferry to Calvi.

Once there to join the start of the GR20

There are several means of transport to cross Corsica and reach one of the starting points of the GR20 (Calenzana, Conca or the mi-GR20 in Vizzavona

  • Take a taxi to Calenzana or Conca: here are some telephone numbers and a price range depending on the route -> taxis for the GR20
  • Take the train: yes, but be careful, there are no trains serving the south of Corsica, but you can easily reach Calenzana by train within 5 km. There is a train that will take you from Ajaccio to Calvi (25 euros), but also from Ile Rousse to Calvi (6 euros ) or from Bastia to Calvi (17 euros). If you’re planning a semi-GR20, it’s a good thing there’s a train that passes through Vizzavone. You’ll find all the information you need about trains in Corsica for the GR20 here.
  • Is it possible to take a bus? Yes, there are bus routes in Corsica, a good alternative for long journeys on the island. More information on bus routes

Accommodation: refuges or tents? What are the prices in 2024?

In any case, there’s one thing you should bear in mind: it’s forbidden to camp in the wild on the GR20. This is not to make you bank every night, it’s simply because the GR20 is in a Nature Park, and camping there is forbidden. So you’ll have to pay accommodation costs, which will vary according to the method you choose

Sleeping in a refuge: in 2024

Booking a night in a refuge in Corsica on the GR20 in 2024 will cost you 14 euros per night per person. You’ll need to bring your own sleeping bag. Note that there are between 30 and 45 places depending on the refuge!

  • Advantages: no stress, you arrive, you sleep, you leave.
  • Disadvantages: the controversy over the “mountain huts”, the budget can be high

More information on booking a refuge: prices and link to the platform

Tent or refuge on the GR20: how to decide?

Sleeping in a tent (hire on site)

There are pitches around each hut where you can sleep in a tent provided by the hut. This costs 17 euros per person (gloups) and 23 euros for two people. So it’s not at all interesting when you’re hiking alone, and it saves you 5 euros on the ‘refuges’ rate if you’re a couple.

  • Advantages: cheaper for a couple, no need to pitch a tent, last-minute bookings possible, no hut snoring
  • Disadvantages: it can be cold at night, so remember to bring a suitable duvet. All in all, it can be expensive for single people

Sleeping in your own tent

If you see the GR20 authentically, you’ll leave with your bag, your food and your tent! You have to pay to pitch your tent around a refuge (remember that you can’t stop wherever you like, you can only camp around a refuge). A night in your tent will cost you 6 euros.

  • Advantages: it really is the cheapest option, without the hut’s snoring
  • Disadvantages: putting up your tent every night (part of the charm), carrying your tent, heavier bag

Examples of tents for the GR20: read the full article

More information about booking pitches: http: //reserver.sitecresa.fr/parcnaturel-asega/

Free calculator: estimate your budget

Some examples of prices on the GR20

It’s easy to find food and drink in the refuges on the GR20, but you need to estimate your budget in advance because, naturally, the price of products is higher than in easily-accessible supermarkets: you need to take into account the cost of transport by helicopter or on the backs of men.

GR20 budget and price examples

  • Average price per night: in a refuge 14 euros, in a tent 6 euros, in a rented tent 17 euros
  • Budget for an evening meal in a refuge: between 13 and 15 euros
  • Breakfast in a refuge: between 8 and 10 euros
  • Price of an omelette or plate of cold meats at lunchtime: between 8 and 10 euros.
  • Price of a 50 cl piétra: 6 euros
  • Price of a coffee: 2 euros
  • Price of a Coke (or soda): between 3 and 4 euros.
  • Price of a packet of pasta with tomato sauce: around 5 euros
  • Price of a packet of sandwich bread: around 4 euros
  • other price examples -> gr20-infos.com/plus/food-hydration/

Examples of GR20 budgets

  • GR20 all comfort: night in refuge and two meals a day in refuge. 15 nights (€14), 15 breakfasts (€8), 15 lunches (€14), 15 dinners (€15) and a little grocery shopping each day (€5). So you’ll need to budget around €800 for the 15 days.
  • GR20 with food carried and a night in a refuge: 15 nights (€14) and a small amount of groceries per day (€5), you’ll need to budget between €250 and €300 for the 15 days.
  • GR20 with food carried and a night in your own tent: 15 nights at €6 a night, so you’ll need to budget around €100 for the 15 days.

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