IGN maps of the GR20

IGN map of the GR20 to download

Are you about to set off on the GR20? We’ve just come back, and from experience we’d advise you to set off with IGN maps in your rucksack. It’s always safer to know how to find your way in the mountains, to have an idea of the difficulties ahead, to anticipate the terrain or simply to be able to bypass the route and reach a nearby village if you have to give up. What’s more, it’s always fun to study the next day’s topo in advance!

You can download all the maps of the GR20 for consultation on your computer (printable pdf format).

On receipt of your payment (9.95€), you will receive the 16 GR20 maps by e-mail. You don’t need to have a paypal account, you can pay directly by credit card.

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We recommend that youbuy the GR20 TOPOGUIDE published by the F.F.RANDO, which gives you all the information you need on each stage. Click here for a complete list of books to help you prepare for the GR20.

Mini guide to the GR20 from the French hiking federation

All maps of the GR20

Maps of transport, accommodation and shops: find all the maps of the GR20 here -> https://gr20-infos.com/carte-du-gr20/

Before setting off with the maps…

Doyou know how to read the symbols and understand how the map can give you information about the terrain? In this article, we explain how to understand the relief and symbols on IGN maps.

How to read an IGN map

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