GR 20 Refuges

Here is a presentation of the refuges on the GR 20. You’ll never have trouble finding accommodation on the GR20, whether it’s a refuge or other accommodation. It all depends on your budget and how you divide your stages: 5 days? 8 days, 12 days? Here’s the list of refuges in the PNRC, but don’t hesitate to download our free GR20 guide for the full list.

Map GR20 with refuges

3 options in a refuge on the GR20

  • Book a night in the refuge itself : a bed awaits you with a mattress and blanket, and you bring your duvet and rucksack.
  • Book a night in a tent around a hut: you book both the pitch and the tent, and simply bring your mattress and duvet.
  • Booking a pitch: you only book a pitch around the refuge, and you’ll need to pitch your tent and take your mattress and sleeping bag with you.

Huts can usually be booked online from May onwards, via the PNRC’s booking office

Accommodation prices (PNRC)

We are talking here about the 3 types of accommodation offered by the park, i.e. in a refuge, with your own tent (just the pitch) or by renting a tent around a refuge.

  • Night in a refuge:
  • Pitch for your tent : 9 euros la nuit (par personne)]
  • Hire of a mattress tent: 22 euros la nuit (par personne) ou 31 euros (pour deux)

For more information on reserving refuges in 2024, click here

In all cases, unauthorised camping is prohibited in Corsica, particularly on the GR20. You can book huts and pitches with or without tents online. If you plan to sleep in the refuges, there is little chance of finding a place in a bed when you arrive without booking. More information on prices in 2024

Note that there are alternatives to spending the night in a refuge: there are also sheepfolds, hotels and campsites where you can sleep. You can find a list here ->

The refuges are open from June to mid-September: they are equipped with a kitchen with gas and offer a dormitory (beds in the same room) as well as mattresses : you must therefore bring your sleeping bag to sleep in a GR20 refuge. Mattresses are only necessary if you plan to sleep in your tent.) You’ll also find a small grocery shop in each refuge. Here are some examples of the prices of products sold on the GR20

The rest of the year, the refuges are open but not manned.

Here is the list of refuges in the North > South direction

AltitudePlacesPlus d'infos
Calenzana280 mPlusieurs lieuxPlus d'infos
Ortu di u Piobbu1520 m32Plus d'infos
Carrozzu1270 m36Plus d'infos
Station d’Asco Stagnu1422 mPlusieurs lieuxPlus d'infos
Tighjettu 1683 m48Plus d'infos
Ciottulu di i Mori1997 m26Plus d'infos
Manganu 1600 m32Plus d'infos
Petra piana1842 m28Plus d'infos
l’Onda1431 m28Plus d'infos
Vizzavona 954 mPlusieurs lieuxPlus d'infos
E Capannelle1586 m15Plus d'infos
Prati 1820 m22Plus d'infos
Usciolu1750 m31Plus d'infos
Matalza 1410 m20Plus d'infos
Asinau 1536 m28Plus d'infos
I Paliri 1055 m22Plus d'infos
Conca280 mPlusieurs lieuxPlus d'infos

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