GR20 in 10 days

If you don’t really have the time to do the GR20 in 16 days and take the time to really enjoy the Corsican mountains, you can always do it a little faster, in 10 days for example. Doing the GR20 in 10 days does not mean doubling all the stages: with this option, you will double some stages, but never triple them. The division of the GR20 into 10 days that we propose below does not necessarily allow you to sleep in a refuge each time, and on some stages we have chosen to stop you before you reach a refuge, sheepfold or hotel.

Map of the GR20 in 10 days

stages of the GR20 in 10 days

The GR20 stages in 10 days: profile and mileage

As you can see, we’ve opted for a leisurely start, with the first stage a simple one to Ortu. On the southern part of the GR20, on the other hand, you’ll have longer stages, of between 20 and 30 km each day.

Then, as you can see on the map, it’s entirely possible to adjust this breakdown, for example by sleeping at Tighiettu instead of the sheepfolds at U Vallone, or sleeping at Manganu instead of the sheepfolds at Vaccaghia.

1Calenzana à Ortu1114502006h30Plus d'infos
3Ortu à la station d'Asco151500170012hPlus d'infos
4Station Asco à la bergerie de Ballone10120012508h00Plus d'infos
5Bergerie de Ballone à la bergerie de Vaccaghia301350120012h00Plus d'infos
6Bergerie de Vaccaghia à Petra Piana119506507h45Partie 1
Partie 2
7De Petra Piana à Vizzavone221100200010hPartie 1
Partie 2
8De Vizzavone au col de Verde291400100010hPlus d'infos
9Du col de Verde à Usciolu261550160011hPlus d'infos
10Usciolu à Asinau251150130010hPartie 1
Partie 2
11Asinau à Conca1960016007h00Plus d'infos

This is a suggestion, it’s up to you to see if it suits you and adjust according to your level or your desires

What level to do the GR20 in 10 days

As we said in the introduction, doing the GR20 in 10 days means doubling some of the stages (10 days instead of 16, so you’ll be doubling most of the stages except for 2). It’s a good hiker’s pace, so you’ll be doing 2 stages a day: roughly speaking, one stage in the morning and one in the afternoon, with the possibility of stopping for lunch in the intermediate refuge at midday.

You don’t necessarily need a high level of physical fitness, but you do need to be willing and well organised, as you’ll need to book your refuges in advance, unless you set out with the idea of doing an authentic GR20 in 10 days, i.e. with your tent on your back and stopping whenever you like (not just anywhere, of course, as unauthorised camping is forbidden in the natural park through which the GR20 passes)

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