Variants of the GR20

The GR20 variants are alternate routes that allow you either to climb more steeply or to reach a summit close to the GR20. The variants are generally old paths that are no longer used but are still signposted. In general, the variants are longer and harder than the classic stages of the GR20, but this is not always the case! There are several variants on the GR20, which is what we’re going to tell you about today so that you can take the time to study them on your IGN maps!

Variant of the GR20 between Asco and Tighettu

Variant between Asco and Tighettu

We’re not talking about a variant here, but an alternative route, because it’s no longer signposted. The cirque de la solitude has been reopened, but it’s not signposted.

Find out all the details and the IGN map of the alternative route between Asco and Tighettu here!

Variant of the GR20 between Petra Piana and l'Onda

Variant between Petra Piana and l’Onda

This variant of the GR20 is shorter than the original route and takes you over the ridges. You won’t find any opportunities to swim on this route , but you’ll get a great view. Compared with the classic route, the variant between Petra Piana and l’On da is more technical, shorter and much more beautiful!

Variant of the GR20 Monte D'ORO

Monte d’Oro variant between Onda and Vizzavona

This is another magnificent Alpine variant that takes you to a summit, another difficulty on the GR20, and puts you right at the top of the Monte d’Oro! Be careful, this variant of the Monte d’Oro won’t allow you to see the Cascades des Anglais or avoid Vizzavone

Variant of the GR20 between Onda et Vizzavona

Variant to avoid Vizzavona (Col)

This variant via the Col de Vizzavona offers nothing in terms of views, but it is the ideal solution for people who don’t want to meet anyone halfway along the GR20. With this variant of the GR20, you’ll avoid Vizzavone, the cars, the shops – everything! Find out how to reach the Col de Vizzavona from the Cascades des Anglais

Variant of the GR20 between Capanelle and Prati

Monte Renoso between Capannelle and Prati

The Monte Renoso variant is a mountainous variant of the GR20 that takes you to the summit of another giant of the Corsican mountains! This stage catches up with the GR20 just before the Col de Verde, and you can find out how to get there using the IGN

Variant of the GR20, ex stage Matalza

Variant of the Incudine (avoid Matalza)

This variant of the Incudine is simply the original stage that existed before the GR20 was diverted towards Matalza and the Cuscionu plateau (Usciolu > Asinau directly)! It’s a shorter but more technical stage that will give you a bit more height than the traditional one!

Bavella Variant of the GR20

Alpine variant of Bavella

The Alpine variant of Bavella is by far the most technical variant of the GR20, perhaps even one of the most complicated passages there is!

It’s reserved for seasoned hikers who still have some strength left at the end of the hike. You don’t need to be afraid of heights, or of putting your hands on the rocks! Discover photos and information on this challenging variant of the GR20!

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