GR20 7 days

Doing the GR20 in 7 days requires you to be in good physical condition, given that the classic “duration is 16 days! You’ll be more than doubling each stage every day, with an average of 25 kilometres and 1500 metres of ascent per day: here’s a suggested breakdown of the GR20 into 7 days from Calenzana to Conca in the North > South direction, but you’re also free to do it the other way round! There are plenty of ways to divide the GR20 into 7 stages, especially if you use the variants. Here’s one solution among many others:

The stages of the GR20 in 7 days

Jour 1 sur 7Calenzana à la station d'Asco223000200012hPlus d'infos
Jour 2 sur 7Station d'Asco au col de Vergio21200020009hPlus d'infos
Jour 3 sur 7Du col de Vergio à Petra Piana23180013009hPlus d'infos
Jour 4 sur 7De Petra Piana à Vizzavona15110018008hPlus d'infos
Jour 5 sur 7De Vizzavona au col de Verde27200017009hPartie 1
Partie 2
Jour 6 sur 7Du col de Verde au Cuscionu (Matalza ou Croci)27180016009hPartie 1
Partie 2
Jour 7 sur 7Du Cuscionu (Matalza ou Croci) à Conca30200032009hPlus d'infos

Map of how to do the GR20 in a week

Map of GR20 stages in 7 days

What level of ability do you need to do the GR20 in 7 days?

We’re not yet talking about a race or trail when you do the GR20 in a week, but you should be aware that it’s a really sustained pace. You shouldn’t think you’re going 8km an hour on the GR20, you’ll be doing more like 2 or 3 kilometres an hour. So you know that if you set off to do the GR20 in 7 days, you’ll need to be in good physical condition to walk (not run) for 9 or 10 hours a day! Obviously, you’ll already have had some trekking experience and your GR20 in 7 days won’t be your first opportunity to put on your hiking boots all year!

What preparation do you need to do the GR20 in 7 days?

To prepare for the GR20 in 7 days, make sure you have light but complete equipment: comfortable walking shoes, a sleeping bag, and clothing suited to the mountain climate.

Train physically: do some long hikes and a bit of running to strengthen your legs and endurance. Don’t forget to prepare your body for carrying a rucksack for several hours.

Hydration is crucial, so as with everything, plan your water sources carefully

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