Taxis around the GR20

Taxis are an excellent way of getting to the start of the GR20: they’re fairly easy to find, and you can share the journey with other hikers you’ve met beforehand on the Internet. In fact, there’s a discussion area on our forum where you can find other people arriving in Corsica on the same day as you and share taxi fares! Here we introduce you to the taxis and shuttles that can pick you up and drop you off just a few hundred metres from the GR20 trail!

find a taxi in Corsica to join the GR20

If you stand at the side of the road and give the thumbs up, it’s going to be complicated to find a taxi in Corsica!

There are strategic places to find a shuttle or taxi to take you to Calenzana, Vizzavona or Conca if you’re doing the GR20 from south to north.

On this page, you’ll find taxi numbers for the different geographical areas, as well as some ideas of how far you can travel and how much you can expect to pay for a taxi journey! This will help you to plan ahead and avoid being surprised when the taxi driver quotes you the fare

Looking for a taxi to Calenzana? You’ll find all the numbers and contacts in the free GR20 mini-guide.

Taxis around Calenzana : GR20 Nord

There are a large number of taxis in this area, so we advise you to contact the taxis closest to your arrival area to avoid paying a higher fare! You could be looking for a taxi to get to the start of the GR20 North > South or you could be looking for a taxi because you’ve finished the GR20 South > North and want to get to the nearest town to catch a plane or ferry!

Calvi > Calenzana airport
Approx. 14 km / 20 minutes
*Min price per person: 40 euros

Port Calvi > Calenzana
Approximately 14 km / 20 minutes
*Price per person : 45 euros

L’Ile Rousse > Calenzana
Approximately 30 km / 30 minutes
*Price per person : 75 euros

Lumio station > Calenzana
Approximately 15 km / 18 minutes
*Min price per person :

Dolce Vita station > Calenzana
Approximately 9 km / 10 minutes
*Price per person :

Bastia > Calenzana
About 115 km / 2 hours
*Price per person :

Ponte Leccia station > Calenzana
About 70 km / 1h10 minutes
*Price per person :

Ajaccio > Calenzana
About 170 km / 3h00 hours
*Min price per person :

* Prices are given as an indication and do not necessarily reflect reality, depending on the taxi company, which will take into account various criteria that we cannot measure: it is up to you to contact the taxis below to ask for prices. Fares vary depending on the day/weekend, the time of day or night and, of course, the distance travelled by the taxi, around €2.5 per kilometre

In the above options, you don’t necessarily have to rely solely on the taxi if you’re coming from a long way away: for example, from Bastia, you can take a Corsican train up to Ponte Leccia and change trains to go to Calvi, Lumio or Dolce Vita station. You can also take a taxi in one go from Bastia to Calenzana, but this will cost you more. Alternatively, take the train from Bastia to Ponte Leccia and take a taxi from Ponte Leccia to Calenzana!

Taxis around Calenzana and Calvi

  • Biancardini Jean-Paul : / – based in Calenzana and also provides luggage transfer – His website
  • Taxi Calvi : Carries up to 6 passengers to Calenzana, Bonifato forest and even the resort of Asco (end of stage 3) – 06 11 58 92 29 their website
  • Taxi Denis : Located in Calenzana rue de l’église, you can reach him on 06 82 57 20 62
  • Taxi Lauria : Also located in Calenzana rue du Hameau de Suare, book on 06 80 95 90 19
  • Abeille Taxis – Based in Lumio (SNCF station near Calvi) – 04 95 65 03 10
  • JB Guidicelli : also ranks in Lumion, contact him on 04 95 61 76 52

Taxis around Bastia

  • Taxi-Corse – Transfer for hikers to refuges and gîtes on the GR 20 north from Bastia (between Calenzana and Vizzavona). Possibility for luggage – Website – Tel 04 95 48 24 74 or 06 33 09 82 07
  • Alternatively, take the train from Bastia to Ponte Leccia then change to go to Lumion or Calvi and hire a taxi to take you up to Calenzana.
taxi in Corsica between Calvi and Calenzana

Taxis in Ponte Leccia

  • Taxi-Corse : Tel 06 33 09 82 07 or 04 95 48 24 74
  • Taxis Ponte-Leccia : 04 95 47 64 74
  • Taxi Michel : Carries up to 6 people – Hyundai iX55 – Based in Calvi – This taxi travels throughout northern Corsica to take you wherever you want to go around the GR20 – Call /
  • Alternatively, take the train from Ponte Leccia to Lumio or from Ponte Leccia to Calenzana and take a taxi.

Taxis around Ile Rousse

  • Taxi Costa Transport: call 06 14 38 33 28
  • Pascal Graziani : call 04 95 60 08 12
  • Taxi Guidicelli – Facebook page or call
  • Taxi Savelli, return trips between Ile Rousse and the GR20 – Website or
  • Alternatively, take the train from Ile Rousse to Lumio then hire a taxi driver to take you up to Calenzana

Taxis to Ajaccio

If you arrive in Ajaccio by ferry or plane, it’s definitely not ideal to reach a GR20 departure point by taxi, for the simple reason that it’s more than 170 km to Calenzana, and the same distance to Conca. If you’re doing a half-GR20 and setting off from Vizzavona either northwards or southwards, you can still travel by taxi, but here again, the most practical way is by train!

Ajaccio > Vizzavona
Approximately 50 km / 1h00 hour
*Min price per person: euros

Ajaccio > Calenzana / Calvi
Approximately 170 km / 3h00 hours
*Min price per person :

Ajaccio > Conca / Porto
Approximately 170 km / 3h00 hours
*Min price per person :

Nevertheless, here are some numbers of taxi companies around Ajaccio that provide services related to the GR20

Taxi around Conca : GR20 South

If you want to set off from Conca to do the GR20, it’s a smart idea to take a taxi for the last few kilometres of the mountain. Of course, the same applies in the other direction, if you arrive in Conca and are looking to catch your ferry or plane. But where can you find a taxi to go from Conca to Porto Vecchio, from Conca to Figari airport or from Conca to Propriano?

Conca > Porto Vecchio
Approx. 20 km / 25 minutes
*Minimum price per person: 55 euros

Conca > Figari
Approximately 50 km / 50 minutes
*Price per person : 120 euros

Conca > Propriano
Around 100 km / 2h00 hours
*Minimum price per person: 200 euros

Taxis in Conca and the surrounding area

In the commune of Conca, there are taxis that are in operation, so as close as possible to the GR20! Here are the numbers of local taxis that can take you to Porto Vecchio or Figari!

  • Mathieu Talon, based in Conca, can be contacted for a journey on 09 54 70 05 61
  • Taxi CONCA : based in Sainte Lucie, 6 km from Conca
  • Lecci Taxi, based in Lecci, 6 km from Conca ( 06 34 27 39 55)

Taxis in Porto Vecchio

There’s also a shuttle service that can pick you up at the foot of the GR20, from the gîte restaurant La Tonnelle. Alternatively, here are some taxi company numbers:

  • Taxi Christian Pietri – Contact on or via this website
  • Taxi Ciabrini with a fleet of 20 vehicles, contact via this website
  • Ferracci Michel in Porto Vecchio and on 06 09 69 37 04 to make an appointment for a journey
  • Euro Sud Corse Taxi, or via this website
  • ABC TAXI Eric Bronner : – also transports luggage around the GR20 – via this website
  • Taxi Hélène Orsini – / Felix : – based in Lecci
  • Taxiphil parked in Porto Vecchio and on 06 19 13 31 33 to make an appointment for a journey

Taxis for Figari

  • Taxi Figari: fleets of large vehicles if you wish to group together several hikers to go to Conca: to contact on this website or via the numbers or
  • VTC Corse : VTC service throughout Corsica for Figari, Ajaccio, Bastia or Porto Vecchio – this website
  • Libertaxi : taxi drop-offs all around Figari – see the website
  • Hervé Milleliri all around Figari airport also see website or

The taxis listed above can take you to Figari, which is less than an hour’s drive away. From Conca or Porto Vecchio, the fare is around a hundred euros. Alternatively, here’s a list of taxis

Taxis around Propriano

We invite you to contact, which offers taxi pick-ups throughout southern Corsica, particularly around Propriano

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