Stage 9 of the GR20

Here is the last stage of the GR20 before arriving at Vizzavone, it is the last of the GR20 North, a quite complicated stage in terms of ascent and descent in the scree

From the Onda to the Vizzavona refuge From the Vizzavona refuge to the Onda
GR20 North > South (stage 9) GR20 South > North (stage 8)
10.5 km | 700 m D | 1200 m D – 10.5 km | 1200 m D | 700 m D –
GPX trail for the North > South stage GPX trail for the South > North stage
Download PDF topo Download PDF topo
See details of the North > South stage See details of the South > North stage
Points of interest: Old refuge | Passerelle de Tortetto | Bergeries de Pozzatelli (variant) | Le Monte d’Oro (variant) | La Punta Muratello | Cascades des Anglais
Highest point: 2141 m (Punta Muratellu) or 2389 m (Monte d’Oru) depending on the variant | Lowest point: 920 m (Vizzavona)
Sources: xxx (km5) | xxxx (km8)
Accomodation and restaurants : Vizzavona | Halte du Prince | Hôtel Monte D’Oro | refuge de l’Onda
IGN map : Consult here | Download all the GR20 maps
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Previous stage NS: from Petra Piana to l’Onda Previous stage SN: from Capanelle to Vizzavone

Stage 9 of the GR20 North > South | Onda > Vizzavona

Here’s the profile of the stage between Onda and Vizzavona: a really downhill profile!

Profile of stage 9 between Onda and Vizzavona

Printable summary and topo of stage 9 of the GR20 North South

1 – Starting from the Refuge de l’Onda, you will begin a 600 metre ascent, heading south, to the Pointe Muratello at 2,138 metres. From here, you can see the BoccaMuratella and just behind it the Pointe de Casa. From here, you can also choose to climb up to Monte d’Oro, whose summit rises to 2,389 metres.

2 – After this, the 8-kilometre descent begins, with almost 1,100 metres of ascent and descent. After forking off to the east and heading steadily south, you’ll reach the Bergeries de Porteto at around 6 kilometres. Along the way, you’ll see Punta Migliarello, Punta Cancellone and Bocca di Funtanella on your right, before crossing the Tortetto footbridge.

3 – Once you’ve finished your break at the Bergeries de Porteto, head back east to reach the Cascade des Anglais and enter the Vizzavona Territorial Forest. Shortly afterwards, you’ll be able to admire the Col de Vizzavona at an altitude of 1,183 metres.

4 – There are just over 3 kilometres to go and 200 metres of ascent, heading north-east. Pass over the Vizzavona Tunnel, cross theAgnone and you’ll arrive at Vizzavona station as the destination of this stage.

Description of the stage with analysis of IGN maps and photos

This is the GR20 stage with the steepest descent, with no less than 1,200 metres of ascent before dropping below 1,000 metres and sleeping in Vizzavone.

Onda Refuge and bivouac
Leaving Onda

This isn’t a particularly long stage, but it can be hard on the knees on the descent – it’s never-ending on the rocks!

Monte d'Oro, a variant before arriving at Vizzavona
The Monte d’Oro, a variant on the GR20

From the Onda refuge, head up towards Bocca d’Oreccia and leave the path on your right. This is the route of the variant via the ridges and the Mare a Mare Nord variant. Your path leads off to the left, towards Punta Muratello. You will pass just below the summit, at an altitude of 2150 metres.

Clear view at Punta Muratello above Onda

As you walk along the ridges, you’ll come to a junction: if you go left, this is the option for climbing Monte d’Oru and reaching Vizzavone in a 5-hour walk. The other option is to take the path on your right and reach Vizzavone in 3 hours 15 minutes, with the chance to see the English waterfalls. We’ll tell you more about these two options below!

Tips for this stage 9 of the GR20

  • GR20 route via Monte d’Oru: this is a more mountainous variant of the GR20. From Punta Muratello, head east then walk along the ridge to reach Bocca di Porco and climb a technical path to Monte d’Oro. From the summit, it takes less than an hour and a half to descend to the Pozzatelli sheepfolds and then enter Vizzavone from the north.
IGN map of the vizzavona pass

  • Route via the Cascades des Anglais: from Punta Muratello, descend southwards through the scree and cliffs of the Agnone valley. Walk along the river of the same name, then cross it using the Turtettu footbridge (allow 1h30 for the entire descent from Punta Muratello). It’s a 45-minute walk to the Cascades des Anglais, on a path through the forest. From there, it’s another 1 hour’s walk to Vizzavone, along a wide, rolling 4×4 track.
English waterfall on the GR20
Cascade des Anglais
  • Alternative route to avoid Vizzavone: after the Cascade des Anglais, turn right towards the Col de Vizzavona (two accommodation options: Hôtel Monte d’Oro or La Halte du Prince.

Warning: the GR20 is a trail with high mountain sections, so don’t take this hike lightly: use appropriate hiking equipment for the GR20, be at least reasonably trained and don’t set off without IGN maps or the Topoguide

Some photos of the accommodation :

alzarella bivouac a vizzavona

Videos of the terrain between Onda and Vizzavona:

This video summarises part of the stage between Onda and Vizzavona, enjoy the beautiful images put online by “GR20 I had a dream”. In reality, the reporter combined two stages in this video, starting at Petra Piana and stopping at Vizzavone (he didn’t sleep at Onda).

Watch Julien’s video, with the climb up to the pass, then the descent to Vizzavona and the swim in the waterfalls! Read about the stage here.

Stage 8 of the GR20 South > North | Vizzavona > Onda

Here’s the profile of the stage between Vizzavona and Onda: a very uphill profile!

Profile of stage 8 between Vizzavona and Onda

Printable summary of the topo for stage 8 of the GR20 South North

1 – Starting from the Vizzavona railway station at an altitude of 950 metres, you will embark on a long ascent over 8 kilometres and more than 1,100 metres of ascent. Head south-west, cross theAgnone and pass over the Vizzavona Tunnel.

2 – Continue westwards to reach the Cascade des Anglais, where you’ll have a great view of the Col de Vizzavona (culminating at an altitude of 1183 metres). Passing through the Vizzavona Territorial Forest, you will reach the Bergeries de Porteto. From here, you can see Punta del Ceppo on your left.

3 – Continue north-westwards, where you will come across the Ravin de Baccane and then head northwards along the Agnone. As you branch off to the west, you will see Monte d’Oro on your right (with the option of climbing to its summit), followed by the Bocca di Porco.

4 – At the end of the 8-kilometre walk, you’ll reach the highest point of this stage: Punta Muratello at 2,138 metres above sea level. From here, you can see the Bocca Muratella on your left, the Pointe de Casa behind it and the Pointe Migliarello further on.

5 – Full speed ahead to the north, where the climb will drop 600 metres to reach the end of the stage at the Refuge de l’Onda at an altitude of 1,383 metres.

IGN map between Onda and Vizzavona

Here is the IGN map of stage 9 of the GR20 between Onda and Vizzavona, which corresponds to stage 8 of the GR20 South > North. Go to this page to download all the IGN maps of the GR20.

IGN map of stage 9 of the GR20 between Onda and Vizzavona

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