Stage 2 of the GR20

The first stage of the GR20 was a warm-up, but it already gave you a taste of the terrain! This stage won’t be any easier: you’ll be heading deep into the Corsican mountains towards the Carrozu refuge. Find all the stages of the GR20 here !

Between Ortu and the Carrozzu refuge in both directions:

From Ortu to the Carrozzu refuge From the Carrozzu refuge to Ortu
GR20 North > South (stage 2) GR20 South > North (stage 15)
11 km | 720 m D | 950 m D – 11 km | 950 m D | 720 m D –
GPX trail for the North > South stage GPX trail for the South > North stage
Download PDF topo Download PDF topo
See details of the North > South stage See details of the South > North stage
Notable points: Bocca di Pisciaghja | Col d’Avartoli
Highest point: 2020 m (xx) | Lowest point: xx m
Sources: xxx ( km5) | xxxx (km8)
Accomodation and restaurants : Refuge d’Ortu di U Piobbu | Refuge de Carozzu
IGN map : Consult here | Download all the GR20 maps
Following stage NS: from Carozzu to Asco Stagnu Next stage SN: from Ortu to Calenzana
Previous stage NS: from Calenzana to Ortu Previous stage SN: from Asco Stagnu to Carozzu

Stage 2 of the GR20 North > South | Ortu > Carrozzu

Here’s the profile of the stage between Ortu and Carrozzu: one ascent, one descent, it’s simple isn’t it 🙂

Profile of stage 2 between Ortu and Carrozzu

Printable summary of the topo for stage 2 of the GR20 North South

1 – On leaving the Ortu di U Piobbu refuge, head south. From here, you’ll have to climb 100m before arriving at the remains of the Bergerie de Mandriaccia, which stands at an altitude of around 1,460 metres, at the junction of the stream of the same name.

2 – After a 500-metre climb on a technical trail, you’ll reach the Bocca di Pisciaghja at 1,940 metres above sea level, with Punta Pisciaghia on your right . Then head east to reach the highest point of this stage, at 2,020 metres, near the Capu Ladroncellu spring.

3 – Head south to reach the Col d’Avartoli (1,900 metres), around 5 kilometres from the start of the stage. On the rocky path, you’ll be able to see the Aiguilles de Falcone in the distance on your right .

4 – After crossing the Col, a steep descent of 600 metres awaits you before reaching the end of the route. As you cross the Carrozzu valley, you’ll come to theBocca di L’Innominata. Turn left and you’ll see Punta Ghialla.

5 – Once you’re near Punta Innominata, you can follow the Ruisseau de Carrozzu to discover the refuge of the same name, situated at an altitude of 1,270 metres. Your rest will be well deserved after covering almost 8 kilometres.

Report on stage 2 with analysis of IGN maps and photos

This is a short stage, which fits on a single IGN map, and can be summed up as an ascent and a descent. Leaving the refuge d’Ortu, you’ll climb 100m before descending to the Mandriaccia sheepfold. From there, you’ll climb another 500m on a technical trail to reach Bocca di Pisciaghja (1940 m).

Stage 2 of the GR20

You’ll then have to hike over scree and rock to the Col d’Avartoli (1900m), between which you’ll have climbed to over 2000m. Then you start the descent into the Carrozzu valley, on a relatively steep path, so watch your knees! At the very bottom, you’ll cross a small stream and then wait for the Carrozzu refuge (1270m).

On stage 2 of the GR20

Point of view on stage 2 of the GR20

Caution: the GR20 is a trail with high mountain sections, so don’t take this hike lightly: use hiking equipment for the GR20, be at least reasonably trained and don’t set off without IGN maps or the Topoguide

Photo of the stage between Ortu and Carrozzu :

Videos of the terrain between Ortu di U Piobbu and Carrozzu:

These videos sum up thestage from Ortu di U Piobbu to Carrozzu perfectly. Enjoy the beautiful images uploaded by “GR20 I had a dream” as well as the video uploaded by the “La Côte en rando” page!

Stage 15 of the GR20 South > North | Carrozzu > Ortu

Here’s the profile of the stage between Carrozzu and Ortu: an ascent then a descent as you can see below!

Profile of stage 15 between Carrozzu and Ortu

Printable summary of the topo for stage 15 of the GR20 South North

1 – Starting this GR20 Stage from the Carrozzu refuge at an altitude of 1,270 metres, head north-east. You will begin by climbing during the first part of this stage. Reach the Bocca di L’Innominata after around 1.8 kilometres, and admire Punta Innominata on your left and Punta Ghialla on your right as you cross the Vallon de Carrozzu.

2 – Less than a kilometre further on, you’ll reach the Col d’Avartoli at an altitude of almost 1,900 metres. Continue northwards until you reach the highest point of this stage at around 2,020 metres above sea level, close to the Capu Ladroncellu spring. On the rocky path, you can see the Aiguilles de Falcone in the distance on your left .

3 – Once you’ve passed the spring, you’ll begin a descent of more than 3 km, with a difference in altitude of 500 metres. Head west to reach Bocca Piccaia at an altitude of 1,940 metres, with Punta Pisciaghiaon your left .

4 – Head north to reach the remains of the Bergerie de Mandriaccia at an altitude of 1,460 metres, at the crossroads of the Ruisseau of the same name, around 6 kilometres from the start of the stage . There will only be a few kilometres and a slight climb of 100 metres left before you finish your stage at the Refuge d’Ortu di U Piobbu at an altitude of 1,570 metres.

IGN map between Ortu and Carrozzu

Here is the IGN map ofstage 2 of the GR20 between Ortu and Carrozzu, which corresponds tostage 15 of the GR20 South > North. Go to this page to download all the IGN maps of the GR20.

IGN map of stage 2 of the GR20

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