Stage 12 GR20

Stage 12 of the GR20 will take you to the Usciolu ridges, it is one of the prettiest stages of the GR20 South before descending towards Incudine

From Prati to the Usciolu refuge From Usciolu refuge to Prati
GR20 North > South (stage 12) GR20 South > North (stage 5)
11 km | 700 m D | 750 m D – 11 km | 750 m D | 700 m D –
GPX trail for the North > South stage GPX trail for the South > North stage
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See details of the North > South stage See details of the South > North stage
Highlights: Punta di Campitello | Bocca di Laparo
Highest point: 2041 m (Pointe de la Cappella) | Lowest point: 1500 m (Bocca di Laparo)
Sources: xxx (km5) | xxxx (km8)
Accomodation and meals: Refuge d’Usciolu | Refuge de Prati
IGN map: Consult here | Download all GR20 maps
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Stage 12 of the GR20 North > South | Prati > Usciolu

Here’s the profile of the stage between Prati and Usciolu: highs and lows!

Profile of stage 12 between Prati and Usciolu

Printable summary and topo of stage 12 of the GR20 North South

– This stage of the GR20 will run all the way south, mainly on ridges and between the Sant’Antone and Fium’Orbu Forests. Starting from the Prati Refuge, you will climb slightly for two kilometres to the Punta della Cappella, the highest point of this stage at 2,041 metres, followed by the Punta di Campitellu.

2 – This point marks the start of a 400 metre climb down to the Bocca di Laparo at 1,500 metres and its Refuge of the same name. On the way, around 5 kilometres from the start of the stage, you can choose to climb the Punta di Campolongo to take in the views from this point.

3 – Once you’ve passed this Refuge, you’ll begin a 3-kilometre ascent with a 300-metre gradient. Along the way, you’ll come across a number of remarkable points, including the Bocca di Punta Mozza and the Bocca di Furmicula. You’ll reach the top of this climb with Monte Formicula at an altitude of 1,981 metres, and look out to your left for the peak of Collu di Pratu.

4 – There are just 2 kilometres left to go in a south-westerly direction along the Crête d’Acqua d’Acelli to a place called a Teghia di Bridicula. After a gentle descent, you’ll finally arrive at the Usciolu Refuge at an altitude of 1,750 metres.

Report on stage 12 with analysis of IGN maps and photos

A mountainous stage: you won’t have any wide forest tracks like on the previous stage at the Col de Verdé. On this stage, you’ll be doing a lot of ridge walking, although there will be two passages at 2000 metres. You leave the Prati refuge to climb the Punta de Cappella. When you reach the cross on the Punta de Cappella, you’ll be completely blown away by the view – that’s all we have to say!

The tip of Cappella

Continue walking along the ridge, between 2000 and 1600 metres: the view is very clear, and the little path that criss-crosses the mountain is very practicable, with no major difficulties! There is one fairly acrobatic section in the scree 800 metres after the Punta di Campitello.

Refuge Usciolu - GR 20

At kilometre 5, you can take the detour to climb the Punta de Campolongo and back, and enjoy an incredible view. Alternatively, the GR20 goes straight down to Bocca di Laparo : here you have a junction to join the Mare a Mare Centre.

On the ridges around the Usciolu refuge
On the ridges around the Usciolu refuge

From here you are more or less halfway through the stage, both in terms of difficulty and mileage, and you still have exactly the same thing to do: a climb and a short descent to Usciolu: go up to 1920 metres altitude at Bocca di Furmicula, then walk along the Acqua d’Acelli ridge to the place known as A Tegha di a Bridicula and finally let yourself be guided to the Usciolu refuge!

Usciolu refuge with its blue shutters - GR 20

Warning: the GR20 is a trail with high mountain sections, so don’t take this hike lightly: use appropriate hiking equipment for the GR20, be at least reasonably trained and don’t set off without IGN maps or the Topoguide

Videos of the terrain between Prati and Usciolu:

This video summarises the stage between the Col de Verde and Usciolu (the author didn’t exactly set off from Prati but the stage encompasses it): video uploaded by “GR20 I had a dream”.

Stage 5 of the GR20 South > North | Usciolu > Prati

Here is the profile of the stage between Usciolu and Prati:

Profile of stage 5 between Usciolu and Prati

Printable summary of the topo for stage 5 of the GR20 South North

1 – This stage of the GR20 runs all the way north between the two Forêts territoriales of Fium’Orbu and Sant’Antone. Starting from the Refuge d’Usciolu at an altitude of 1,750 metres, you will climb slightly for the first 2 kilometres, passing close to the place known as A Teghia di Bridicula, as far as Monte Formicula at an altitude of 1,981 metres.

2 – A few metres further on, you can admire the Bocca di Furmicula and Punta Bianca. From here, the climb drops 400 metres. After 3 kilometres, you’ll be close to the Bocca di Punta Mozza.

3 – The descent ends when you reach the Bocca di Laparo and its refuge of the same name, at an altitude of around 1,500 metres. You can then climb the Punta di Campolongo to enjoy the view. Don’t miss the Punta di Pinarello and Monte Milajo on your right.

4 – Here we go again for a gradual ascent. Around the 8th kilometre, you’ll reach the Punta di Campitellu and then the Punta della Cappella, the highest point of the stage at 2,041 metres.

5 – All that’s left to do is head north-east to the Prati Refuge to complete this stage at an altitude of 1,840 metres.

IGN map between Prati and Usciolu

Here is the IGN map of stage 12 of the GR20 between the Prati refuge and the Usciolu refuge, which corresponds to stage 5 of the GR20 South > North. Go to this page to download all the IGN maps of the GR20.

IGN map of the GR20 stage between Prati and Usciolu

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